Client Scheduling:

Sarah Rooney, CFCP clients schedule here:

Kate Decker, FCP clients schedule here:

Materials Reorder:

Materials are replenished to clients current in follow-ups at no extra charge. If you are current in follow-ups just get in touch and we'll get you what you need. If you're behind in follow-ups, schedule an appointment and you'll receive your materials through your follow-up.

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Natural Womanhood: - Women are told that contraceptives are harmless. Powerful drugs or devices are pushed on them as the only effective birth control methods or even as medical treatment. We believe women deserve better.  Our goal is to inform all women about the risks of contraceptives and the benefits of fertility charting for health and effective pregnancy planning.

FACTS: Fertility Appreciation Collaborative to Teach the Sciences: - FACTS is a group of physicians, healthcare professionals and educators working together to provide information about natural or fertility awareness based methods of family planning with the medical community.