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Choose your payment option to enroll in our Education Program

One Year FertilityCare Package:
$600 - One year of FertilityCare instruction and consultations. Includes all materials, eight individual follow-ups, and email/phone consultations as needed.

One Year FertilityCare Package - 3 Payment Option:
Includes above package with 3 payments of $220 due at Intro Session, one month, and two months

Pay Per Session:

  • Private Introductory Session: $50  (One-on-one introductory session presentation with a brief consultation.)

  • First Follow-up Session: $160, includes 1st session, program set-up and materials, and long distance learning.

  • Follow-up Sessions (2nd - 8th, and long term after first year):  $75 per follow-up

*It is our desire to make The FertilityCare™ System accessible to every woman. Please communicate any financial hardship so accommodations can be made. 


Start Follow-up Sessions

The FertilityCare™ System is taught over the course of a full year in 8 personalized follow-up appointments. You'll attend 5 follow-ups in the first three months when there's the most to learn. This will allow you to ask questions as they come up and build your confidence quickly. After that, your follow-ups will be spread out to every three months until we reach the 1 year mark. Of course, this is a basic followup schedule and your circumstances may require meeting with your practitioner more than 8 times in the first year.