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Do you have questions about your menstrual cycle? Maybe you wonder if what you’re seeing every month is normal.

Or you have bothersome symptoms and don’t want to take the pill as treatment.

Perhaps you’ve been struggling to get pregnant or have been told you have unexplained fertility and are looking for answers.

This session about The FertilityCare System is for you.
Imagine understanding your body and:

  • What a healthy cycle looks like

  • How to understand your body’s signs of fertility

  • The anatomy and physiology we should have gotten in 6th grade

  • How you can get true help for your women’s health concerns

  • Hope and healing for infertility

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STEP 2: Enroll in our Education Program and get results

Our bodies can tell us what is going on, but it speaks a language you don’t speak yet. We can help you speak that language and have the great advantage of doctors who can understand all of it. We walk with you hand in hand through the process of learning the charting language, connecting with a NaPro doctor so you can get the answers and solutions you need!

Details about our full program are included in our Intro Session. Can’t wait? Do you like to know all the info at once? You can see all the program details HERE.


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