Effective family planning doesn't need to involve synthetic hormones, barrier devices, or sterilization surgeries. Those things come with long lists of health risks and separate spouses. At Insight Fertility Services, we trust in the intricate design of a woman's body and of her ability to be in tune with the changes that occur over the course of her menstrual cycle. It's not a guessing game. We teach couples a detailed method of charting the woman's cycle to effectively plan their families - whether they want to achieve or avoid pregnancy.

How effective? Very. The FertilityCare™ System is 96-99% effective in avoiding pregnancy. For couples with normal fertility seeking to achieve a pregnancy, the system is 76% effective in the first cycle of trying and 98% effective by the 6th cycle.

Couples learn the system together and support each other through the learning phase. Many couples report that the new knowledge, appreciation for their fertility, and respect for the natural cycle foster changes in their relationship as a whole.

For women coming off of synthetic hormones, those first few cycles can seem intimidating and confusing! At Insight, our practitioners are trained to walk with you through the process of the artificial hormones leaving your body. We’ve even been there ourselves! We’ll be able to help you see what’s a normal part of your body readjusting to healthy, natural cycles and what’s signs that your body may need a little more support.

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“I’m a huge fan of Insight Fertility!”

“I am so grateful to have charted because it's given me greater knowledge and confidence about my body and the signs it gives off if you pay attention to it. Birth control masks those signs, but now that I'm off of traditional BC, I can tell when changes are happening based on changes in my chart. Also, it helped my doctor diagnose some health issues I was having.“ - client from TN